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Managing available hours

Before you can accept appointments in Weshare, you’ll need to choose the hours you’ll accept bookings from clients. This is called setting your available hours and can be done by you or any contributor with access to your Weshare account. You can also set limits on how and when appointments are scheduled and add and edit multiple calendars. Each calendar has its own hours of availability.

Before you begin

  • Available hours limits the times clients can book online. You or your staff can schedule appointments outside of your availability from your Weshare Calendar.

How appointments work in Scheduling

When Weshare shows your clients open appointment times, several settings are working together to make sure you’re available:

  • Availability represents the times that you’re available to see clients.
  • Appointment duration is the length of time the appointment takes.

Weshare automatically avoids start times that don’t leave enough room for the appointment.  Weshare won’t offer clients a 60-minute appointment when you only have a 30-minute window, and it won’t offer a 60-minute appointment that starts 30 minutes before you’re done for the day.

Weshare also consults your scheduling limits to determine how many people can book with you for the same time, how far in the future clients can book, if you have a maximum number of appointments each week, and more.

Weshare will use your start time interval, to decide which start times to offer your clients. It will start with the first time you’re available, then add your start time interval to get the next start time, and so on. 

Once Weshare has cross-referenced all of those settings, it generates a list of available times for clients to book.

Set and edit your available hours

Set Your Available Hours

  1. In Appointments, click Create New.
  2. Create your Appointment page and continue until your get to your Available Hours page.
  3. Enter your hours in the fields for each day of the week. Than, click continue to finish setting up your appointment page.

Edit Your Available Hours

  1. In Appointments, click Edit.
  2. In the Available Hours section.
  3. Enter your hours in the fields for each day of the week. It will save automatically.
Updated on February 17, 2022

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