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Creating & Editing Appointment Pages

Appointment pages are the services you offer in Weshare. You can use appointment pages for one-on-one meetings or group meetings (ex. classes, workshops, webinars & more). Your customers usually begin the appointment booking process by choosing what time they want to book.

This guide reviews how to create, edit, and customize appointment pages.

Add an appointment page

You can create as many appointment pages as you like. To create a new appointment page:

  1. In Appointments, click Create new.
  2. Enter the Name, Duration, and Price of the service, and other details. Clients will see some of this information when they book. For information on each field, see Appointment pages settings.
  3. Click Publish to make your appointment page available online.

Edit an appointment page

To edit an existing appointment page:

  1. In Appointments, click Edit on your desired appointment page.
  2. Make your changes, all of your changes will be saved automatically.

Appointment page settings

When creating or editing an appointment page, use these fields to add information:

NameClick General on the Edit page to set the title of the appointment page you’re offering.
DurationClick Details in the Edit page to enter a number of minutes between 1 minute and 9.5 hours. All appointments on this page will be scheduled for this duration.
Price (coming soon)Decide how much your appointment type should cost. If you leave this blank, your booking widget won’t list a price for this appointment type and clients will be able to book without paying, even if you have payment enabled.
DescriptionClick General on the Edit page to add a description of your appointment – it will be displayed below the appointment page name.
Thank you page textClick Thank You Page in the Edit page to add a custom message that displays on the thank you page after booking an appointment. For example, you can add instructions on what to bring to the appointment.
LocationClick Details in the Edit page to set the location of the appointment – it could be a Google Meet or Zoom for virtual appointments, a physical address (shown with Google Maps), or a custom solution (a link or a phone number).
TagsClick General on the Edit page to select an existing tag, or click Create a new tag to add a new one.
BenefitsClick Benefits on the Edit page to add a list of benefits your customers get when they book an appointment. Use the benefits table to set it up.
Video/ThumbnailClick Video & Thumbnail on the Edit page to choose a YouTube video or an image that displays on the appointment page.
FAQ Click FAQ Section on the Edit page to set the appointment page “questions and answers” to help your customers decide why they should book an appointment with you.
1:1 Or GroupClick Details on the Edit page to choose whether your appointment is a 1-on-1 or a group appointment.

Published & Draft appointment pages

Every appointment page is either public or draft:

  • Published appointment pages are listed on your profile, and clients can book them without any action from you. Clients can book from a published appointment page if you send them a direct link or by visiting your profile.
  • Appointment pages that are set as a “Draft” are hidden from your profile and cannot be used to schedule an appointment, once you’re ready to publish your appointment page, it’ll be available for booking.

To control whether an appointment page is a draft or published:

  1. In Appointments, if you see the flag “Draft” ,click Publish.
  2. Click Edit, or click on Actions for the appointment page you want to change, than click Save as draft or Publish .

Updated on February 17, 2022

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